Blogs, like all businesses, are living, breathing things. They die if you don’t feed them. And to feed your blog, you need to get motivated to write (or record a podcast, video, etc.).

But how do you get motivated to write when motivated is hard to come by?

Get Motivated to Write and Market

This blog is a platform to drive awareness, attract leads and has been very useful and signaling that I know what I’m talking about on several occasions.

So it’s pretty important to stay motivated and keep up with it.

However, admittedly, the motivation just isn’t there all the time. And the question of motivation is one I ask myself more often than I should. Couple with me being the biggest procrastinator I know, and we have a potential disaster on our hands.

And quite frankly, advice like “just start” doesn’t work. That’s the problem to begin with.

So here’s just a few ways to get motivated to write. These tips are, hopefully, applicable to any process in your business.

Set Deadlines…That Work!

Deadlines for content are really the biggest factor for me.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I have an uncanny ability to keep putting this off until the very last second; until putting it off will be a lot more painful than just doing it.

In fact, this post is part of a monthly blog carnival that I participate in. As I write this sentence, the links go live in about an hour. So I have to write this.

And there’s a reason that this deadline is working for me. I’m accountable to someone else; a group of people that are waiting on this post to be published.

Self-imposed deadlines ,while better than nothing, are not as effective. At least not for me. Bring someone else into the mix to light the fire under your ass.

If I’m accountable to clients, I’m on top of it. If I’m only accountable to myself, I start giving myself lots of leeway. 

That is…unless I’m working on something new and exciting…

Make it New Again

Is there anything that is more exciting to humans than “new?” Very few things if there are any. You probably use it “new” in your marketing collateral all the time. But do you ever use “new” on yourself?

Adults and their businesses are like kids and their toys.

That’s really why we get into business, isn’t it? Sure, there’s the whole change the world thing. Or the “do something better thing.” But really, you just want to play and the boss won’t let you.

Kids get a new toy. It’s exciting. It’s fun. Until it’s not anymore…and they move onto the next one.

Last night I stayed up til 2am working on a few web pages for a new project I’m launching (not yet revealed here). And if I’m launching a new niche site I can write for hours. It’s the building something new that motivates me. But working on something that already exists…not as exciting.

So how do you make it new exciting again? Especially when it comes to writing or creating content.

Funny enough, motivation can come from the strangest of places. And to be “new” something doesn’t have to be completely different.

Simply by doing things you should already be doing in your marketing, you can get that new feeling and get excited again. Let me explain….

Marketing is all about testing and optimization. So you should constantly be tweaking and testing things out to see if you can get your conversions rate up. Even the slightest uptick in conversion rates can mean huge increases in profits.

While you probably won’t be changing anything major (like your name or logo – although you might 🙂 ), you can change layouts and colors to see if they might work better.

For example, I have a feature box at the top of every page on this blog with an opt-in form. I might want to test if that box will convert better if I change the color from dark-gray to red (or the burgundy-ish color you see all over the blog to stay consistent).

In the grand scheme of things, it wouldn’t be a huge change. But it would make my blog feel new for a while. Plus, it would be really interesting to see the effect a change like that would have.

The tiniest of changes can have an enormous impact on your marketing and business – both in terms of mental state and actual performance.

Set the Mood

New can also apply to your location or environment.

Everything that surrounds us effects how we feel and act. So if you want to get motivated to write, test your marketing, or just do that pesky business thing you keeping wanting to do (like taxes?), make sure that you are in an environment that is conducive to getting it done.

For me, that usually means leaving home and going to work at a coffee shop. This changes the scenery and provides a fresh outlook on things.

It can also mean listening to music that gets you pumped up to work. There have been studies that show that people are more productive when listening to music (melodic music sans lyrics – don’t listen to death metal and expect to get much done).

And if all else fails, and your motivation is really lacking, change your environment by avoiding work altogether. Go to the gym. Go for a walk. Go for a drive. Go grocery shopping. Just get your focus off of business and writing and it just might come to you.

Personally, I seem to get all my best ideas in the shower. Maybe it’s because I’m scrubbing my head and stimulating my brain :).

When great ideas come to you…you get exciting and motivated. 

And finally, my last (and best) tip for getting motivated…

Drink Coffee

‘Nuf Said. 🙂

What about you? How do you get motivated to write, to create new content, to market your business…and do anything in general?

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