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Article submission by JonJon Yeung.

These days in marketing, it can feel like a daunting task when a client asks you to deliver something original. With technology and digital moving so quickly, we have become a world of innovators. It is difficult to fathom doing something new, but we can certainly take inspiration and do something better.

How can marketers do that? By studying the techniques of successful campaigns and applying what works to our own. Here are some award-winning marketing campaigns that we can learn from:

Snickers ‘You’re Not You’ Campaign


This star-powered campaign launched in 2010 with Super Bowl TV ad that featured Betty White. It proclaimed “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”. The campaign was created by BBDO in New York and won the Gold Effie – one of the most significant awards in marketing communications – in 2011. They combined print and online advertisements, offered country-specific Facebook pages and used Twitter and YouTube for a multi-channel campaign.

In the end, this campaign reversed Snickers’ image from a flailing candy bar brand to the snack everyone wanted to eat. The brand saw an 18,000% increase in YouTube searches for Snickers, a 13% increase in Snickers sales and over 400 million unpaid media impressions.

What’s the takeaway? Keep it simple.

This campaign was relatable: we’ve all experienced the feeling of being cranky when hungry and people have even coined the term ‘hangry’. When you target an experience or emotion that is fundamentally human and typical for your target market, you can bring real results.

Apple ‘Get a Mac’ Campaign


Apple is always innovative and fresh when it comes to their marketing campaigns, but one of the most memorable has been the ‘I’m a Mac’ persona.

Apple saw that the Mac vs. PC debate was going on regularly and they took advantage of the discussion already being in people’s minds. This campaign received the Grand Effie Award in 2007. John Butler, Co-Creative Director of Butler Shine Stern & Partners gave the best explanation as to why the Get a Mac campaign was great:

“They managed to do it with humor, class, and honesty without falling into the trap of overtly negative competitive advertising,” he wrote in a press release.

Throughout the first year of the campaign, Apple saw a 42% increase in its market share. What’s even more impressive is that they saw success using very few social media – in 2006 Facebook and Twitter had barely begun to catch on. Most advertisement went by way of YouTube and TV spots.

Take home points? Jump on the bandwagon of your brand.

If there is a debate or discussion that people are having, use that to your advantage. It helps to research your target market and see what is on their minds. Face issues head on and get in front of them – or your competitors will first.

Santander ‘Football Passion Contest’


Santander partnered with Latin America football and set the brand up to be the bank of football in Latin America.

In order to do this, they created a contest searching for the most knowledgeable football fan in the region. They worked with Guinness World Records to launch an integrated marketing campaign, setting a new record for the Largest Sports Trivia competition. For this work, Santander won the award for top ‘Record-Breaking Brand’ at the Festival of Media Global.

The Santander Football Passion Contest lasted six months and attracted over 1.1 million competitors across 20 countries. Their website also saw 5.5 million visits, which has resulted in the bank being the third brand most associated with football in Latin America.

The takeaway? Engage your target audience.

Santander won this award for creating great content and experiential marketing. Consumers love experiences because it gives them something to share and to talk about. They found an innovative way to combine something that everyone loves (sports), a bit of competition, and a lot of excitement and that leads to huge business returns.

Nivea Protection Campaign



This campaign was launched in Brazil and targeted mothers who took their children to the beach or the park. They knew that mothers used Nivea to protect their children from the sun, but they wanted to help protect them from the other danger: getting lost. This campaign by FCB Brasil Sao Paulo won the Grand Prix Mobile Lion in the Integrated Mobile Campaign category.

The ad was placed in a magazine that was read by their target market. The magazine contained a radar bracelet that could be worn by children. With a free mobile app, parents could keep track of where the child was and would receive a notification if he or she had gone too far. In Rio de Janeiro, Nivea Sun Kids saw a 62% increase in sales.

What can we learn? Integrate technology into your campaigns.

Similar to engaging your audience, they love being on multiple channels – from Smartphones, to tablets, eReaders and beyond. Go where your target market is and engage them in different places.

The Takeaway…


In conclusion, there is no single key to an award winning campaign. In our fast-paced society, what consumers want changes on a regular basis.

Keep an eye out for trends – an ear to the ground if you will – and listen to your customers. They want to feel like you are speaking directly to them. That is the foundation of an amazing marketing campaign.


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